Juno - Uber's Biggest Competitor You Haven't Heard Of Yet

Despite being long criticized for their less than ethical nature in regards to company and employee treatment, Uber has continued to dominate the transportation networking market. However, with the majority of passenger traffic coming through Uber, drivers have no choice but to succumb to the will of the transportation company behemoth. Until now, that is.

Juno is the (self-proclaimed) knight in shining armor coming to the aid of drivers in distress. Touting itself as the “Anti-Uber”, Juno hopes to become the first driver-friendly ridesharing company in the field. Currently, Juno boasts a commission rate of 10% along with a tipping element, compared to Uber’s minimum 20% commission without the possibility of a tip. To further entice drivers, Juno has promised equity for workers, setting aside 50% of their founding shares for drivers.

The founder and brain behind the company has publicly spoken out against Uber, stating, “Uber is an ethically broken company.” His name is Talmon Marco. He is the founder of Viber, which he sold in 2014 for $900 million. “You have to make sure you have sufficient funding,” he says. “We’ve been blessed that we don’t have to start from zero, which is a definite advantage compared to your average entrepreneur.” This huge financial safety net is a large part of the reason Juno has more than a shot at usurping Uber.

So, with lower commission, company equity, and a 24/7 customer service line, drivers should be flocking to the new ridesharing service. Not so fast — Juno only accepts drivers with a 4.7 or higher rating on Uber. Ruthlessly poaching many of Uber’s best drivers, Juno looks to be dead set on becoming the gold standard of transportation. "Happier drivers can provide a better service," said Christian Noske, a principal at BMW i Ventures. "The dynamics in New York can change very fast."

10 Rideshare Apps to Make More Money While You Drive

Investing $400 a week on a car rental is no joke. And it’s tough to not get exhausted after driving all day. Why not mix it up with these 10 ridesharing apps that will add some variety - and money - to your daily routine!

Delivery Services

  1. Postmates is the leading on-demand logistics provider. With more than 20,000 active Postmates, the company operates the largest on-demand delivery fleet in 40 major US metropolitan markets. Postmates overall mission to power local, on-demand logistics focused on fast deliveries from any type of merchant.
  2. DoorDash allows small businesses to provide its customers with local delivery services.
  3. Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery startup offering delivery in as little as one hour. Focused on delivering groceries and home essentials, Instacart already has over 500,000 items from local stores in its catalogue.


  1. Handy is an app through which users can book cleaners, plumbers, handymen, and other household service providers. 
  2. TaskRabbit is an app that allows users to get help with their everyday chores (cleaning, delivery, moving, handyman services).

Ridesharing Alternatives

  1. UberX is a peer-to-peer ridesharing option that gives riders a lower-cost alternative to UberBLACK. UberX partners use their own personal vehicles and must pass a background check in order to qualify. Additionally, vehicles on uberX must meet the following requirements:
    1. Have 4 doors

    2. Be 2010 or newer

    3. Be in excellent condition
  2. Lyft is a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers who need rides with drivers willing to provide rides using their own personal vehicles.
  3. UberBLACK partners are existing limousine companies (fleets or independent owner operators) who are looking to fill their vehicles’ downtime with more trips. Riders choose UberBLACK for a private-driver experience, on demand, and expect pickup in a high-end sedan or SUV within minutes.
  4. Gett is the largest on-demand B2C car service in Europe and the leading B2B player globally (trusted by half of the Fortune 500). Gett is spanning across 4 countries and 57 cities, including New York, London, and Moscow.
  5. Via is a mobile, on-demand taxi provider in New York and Chicago.

The Best Times to Drive for Uber

When should you drive to make the most money? One of the biggest benefits of Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing apps is the ability to create your own schedule. Whether you drive full-time or part-time, we’ve developed a list of the best times to drive in New York City to maximize your earnings.

  1. Friday nights from 7PM - 3AM. This is the best time to drive and increase your earnings. Due to the high demand for rides, you can expect your car to be busy  all the time. With little downtime, your earnings will skyrocket! 

  2. Saturday nights from 7PM - 6AM. Like Friday nights, your car will constantly be filled with passengers making this the second most popular time to drive.. Drivers reported high earnings and reduced downtime throughout this period. Don’t be fooled by stories of the noisiness of the party crowd, this is a great time to drive!

Market research shows that part-time drivers looking to supplement their regular “9 to 5” job should drive for only these two periods to maximize their ratio of profit per hour of work.

Drive smarter, not longer!

Getting Started With Uber

Becoming an eligible driver for uber can be a confusing, maze-like process. Everyone is eager to start driving as soon as possible, so don’t let the convoluted process slow you down. We’ve created this handy guide to simplify things and get you into a car as soon as possible.

Acquiring a TLC License

To drive for Uber in NYC you will need to acquire a special license called a TLC (Taxi Limousine Commission) License. We’ve broken down the process below. should first schedule an appointment at one of the various uber bases.

  1. (Optional) Schedule a visit with Uber. During the visit you’ll:

    1. Receive a coupon for a FREE required Defensive Driving course.

    2. Receive a free medical examination for your TLC License

  2. Fill out an application for an NY DMV Class E driver’s license upgrade

    1. Drop it off at the DMV when you’re done

  3. Complete and submit a TLC License Application

    1. After receiving a confirmation email from the TLC, you must visit a TLC Location. Don’t forget your social security card!

Acquiring a TLC Vehicle

This is the easy part! In the past, finding a TLC ready vehicle was a long and arduous process. That’s why Fleetmarket has streamlined the process. We exclusively list TLC approved vehicles. Just visit our previous blog post [hyperlink to “HIW - Drivers”] for a step by step guide to reserve a car today!

Getting Started with Fleetmarket

Step 1: Sign up and upload driving details.

  1. Sign up for Fleet Market by using your e-mail address to create a Fleet Market account. We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm your identity.

  2. Once you have confirmed, we will ask you to enter your TLC Driver’s License Number and driving history details. We work with the New York City’s largest and most flexible owners and can get you into most cars today, even if you have been in an accident or have points on your license.

  3. If you do not drive for Uber, Lyft or one of the other ridesharing companies and are looking to learn more about how to get your NYC FHV license, please see our TITLE OF Guide(linked) à link to old how to get an FHV license post


Step 2: Choose Your Rental.

Options are amazing and we have many! Select a car which fits your driving needs and click reserve to hold your vehicle. After selecting your car, you will be asked to put $40 down towards the first weeks rent to reserve the car. We will then start processing you for insurance

For example, if a car is $400/week your first week’s payment will be $360.00 ($360.00 + $40.00 booking fee)


Step 3: Receive Confirmation E-mail and Pick Up Your Car.

Once we have processed your reservation fee, we will send you a confirmation e-mail telling you where to pick up your car.



All drivers must obtain a TLC For Hire Vehicle (FHV) Driver’s License to drive on one of the many popular ridesharing apps including Uber, Lyft, and Via. Below is a detailed list of steps and links to help you obtain your TLC FHV License today.

Step 1: THE DMV. Obtaining a Class-E DMV License or CDL License.

Do you currently have a NYC Class D license (your standard operator driving license)?

Yes, I do. You are a few short steps away from driving for your favorite ridesharing app and making money today!

If you have a standard driving license, then the first thing you need to do is convert your Class D license to a Class E license (the license for for-hire-vehicle, taxi, livery, and limo drivers). To make this change to a Class E license you will need to download this this form and bring it to your local DMV.

No, I don’t. Not to worry, you are a few extra steps away from driving for your favorite ridesharing app and making money soon!

To begin driving, you will need to apply for a driver’s permit and take a written test. You will be applying for a Class E license.

Quick tip! To find the DMV closest to you please visit http://dmv.ny.gov/offices and enter your zip code. Many DMVs will tell you to make an appointment in advance, but this is not true. Most DMV’s will allow walk-ins, but they fill up fast. Show up early with your forms for same day service!

Step 2: THE TLC. Apply for a TLC FHV License. (Appx. 15-20 minutes)

Now that you have completed the DMV section of the process you will need to register with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).

This simple process begins by completing the online FHV License Application Part A & Part B. Visit https://www1.nyc.gov/lars/ and click on “Apply for New License” and follow the steps. Once you are complete, print the form and sign it.

There is a $84.00 fee which you can conveniently pay online using your credit card, debit card, or checking account.

Quick tip! The TLC’s website only gives you a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the form. After 20 minutes, your session will expire and you will need to enter your information all over again. To avoid this, we recommend that you have all your information ready before you sit down to complete your application.

3. GETTING TOUGH. Complete a Defensive Driving Course (Appx. 6 hours)

The TLC requires every drive to complete a defensive driving course.

For a full list of courses both online and in the classroom please visit https://transact.dmv.ny.gov/pirp/.

Quick tip! Many courses are available online for $20 - $40 with no final exam. Find a course that works for you and avoid the classroom!

If you decide not to become an FHV driver, these courses can still help you save money and lower points on your license. In NYS you will receive a 10% discount on the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums for 3 years. Additionally, you can reduce up to 4 points from your NYS driver's license.

4. THE TLC APPOINTMENT. (Appx. 1 hour)

After you submit your application to the TLC (completed in Step 2), the TLC will send you an e-mail within 10 days to schedule an appointment.

To be ready for your TLC appointment, review the TLC Checklist and bring all of your documents with you to your appointment. These documents include:

  1. A printed and signed copy of the TLC application (Part A & B)

  2. Original and photocopy of your Social Security Cae

  3. Your DMV Class-E License of CDL

  4. A credit card or other form of payment to pay application fee (~$100)

  5. Your Defensive Driving Course Certification

  6. You will also need to watch this video required by the TLC before you attend your appointment.


Now that you have successfully received your license, you are ready to find a car and drive!

Over 70% of New York City’s drivers rent vehicles to drive. While there are many cars, it can be extremely difficult for new and experienced drivers to find affordable cars to rent.

Quick Tip! Many drivers are using sites like Craigslist and NYCityCab to find vehicles. We do not recommend finding your car on these sites. Among other issues, there are application fees, minimum rental periods, and large deposits. To avoid these issues, use Fleet Market to find reputable owners with sensible rates.







Over 70% of New York City’s drivers rent vehicles to drive. While there are many cars, it can be extremely difficult for new and experienced drivers to find affordable cars to rent.

We have put together a list of sources for our fellow drivers to make this process fast and easy!

Recommended and Not-So-Recommended Sources

1. Fleet Market. Yes, its us, and we are promoting ourselves! Why? Unlike other "brokers," "platforms," and so-called "affordable-car-owners-who-care," we understand and have faced the problem of finding reputable owners with rental cars meeting a driver's basic needs (affordable, high MPG, flexible rental/lease terms, clean, and reliable).

2. UberNYCMarketplace. Great resource to see a list of local dealers and lenders with many vehicles for both rent and lease. 

3. CraiglistIt's Craigslist. There a lot of good, bad, and ugly. Though you may have to spend an hour or more clicking on posts and calling owners, you will eventually find a car that fits your needs. We've done it. It's just not fast or easy.

4. OthersWe've completed the hard part, creating the Google search (seriously, just click on "others"). We can't speak to every owner, and there are some great ones out there, but we just don't know. If you find a great deal, let us know and share it with your fellow drivers. Sharing is caring!