Over 70% of New York City’s drivers rent vehicles to drive. While there are many cars, it can be extremely difficult for new and experienced drivers to find affordable cars to rent.

We have put together a list of sources for our fellow drivers to make this process fast and easy!

Recommended and Not-So-Recommended Sources

1. Fleet Market. Yes, its us, and we are promoting ourselves! Why? Unlike other "brokers," "platforms," and so-called "affordable-car-owners-who-care," we understand and have faced the problem of finding reputable owners with rental cars meeting a driver's basic needs (affordable, high MPG, flexible rental/lease terms, clean, and reliable).

2. UberNYCMarketplace. Great resource to see a list of local dealers and lenders with many vehicles for both rent and lease. 

3. CraiglistIt's Craigslist. There a lot of good, bad, and ugly. Though you may have to spend an hour or more clicking on posts and calling owners, you will eventually find a car that fits your needs. We've done it. It's just not fast or easy.

4. OthersWe've completed the hard part, creating the Google search (seriously, just click on "others"). We can't speak to every owner, and there are some great ones out there, but we just don't know. If you find a great deal, let us know and share it with your fellow drivers. Sharing is caring!