Step 1: Sign up and upload driving details.

  1. Sign up for Fleet Market by using your e-mail address to create a Fleet Market account. We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm your identity.

  2. Once you have confirmed, we will ask you to enter your TLC Driver’s License Number and driving history details. We work with the New York City’s largest and most flexible owners and can get you into most cars today, even if you have been in an accident or have points on your license.

  3. If you do not drive for Uber, Lyft or one of the other ridesharing companies and are looking to learn more about how to get your NYC FHV license, please see our TITLE OF Guide(linked) à link to old how to get an FHV license post


Step 2: Choose Your Rental.

Options are amazing and we have many! Select a car which fits your driving needs and click reserve to hold your vehicle. After selecting your car, you will be asked to put $40 down towards the first weeks rent to reserve the car. We will then start processing you for insurance

For example, if a car is $400/week your first week’s payment will be $360.00 ($360.00 + $40.00 booking fee)


Step 3: Receive Confirmation E-mail and Pick Up Your Car.

Once we have processed your reservation fee, we will send you a confirmation e-mail telling you where to pick up your car.