Investing $400 a week on a car rental is no joke. And it’s tough to not get exhausted after driving all day. Why not mix it up with these 10 ridesharing apps that will add some variety - and money - to your daily routine!

Delivery Services

  1. Postmates is the leading on-demand logistics provider. With more than 20,000 active Postmates, the company operates the largest on-demand delivery fleet in 40 major US metropolitan markets. Postmates overall mission to power local, on-demand logistics focused on fast deliveries from any type of merchant.
  2. DoorDash allows small businesses to provide its customers with local delivery services.
  3. Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery startup offering delivery in as little as one hour. Focused on delivering groceries and home essentials, Instacart already has over 500,000 items from local stores in its catalogue.


  1. Handy is an app through which users can book cleaners, plumbers, handymen, and other household service providers. 
  2. TaskRabbit is an app that allows users to get help with their everyday chores (cleaning, delivery, moving, handyman services).

Ridesharing Alternatives

  1. UberX is a peer-to-peer ridesharing option that gives riders a lower-cost alternative to UberBLACK. UberX partners use their own personal vehicles and must pass a background check in order to qualify. Additionally, vehicles on uberX must meet the following requirements:
    1. Have 4 doors

    2. Be 2010 or newer

    3. Be in excellent condition
  2. Lyft is a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers who need rides with drivers willing to provide rides using their own personal vehicles.
  3. UberBLACK partners are existing limousine companies (fleets or independent owner operators) who are looking to fill their vehicles’ downtime with more trips. Riders choose UberBLACK for a private-driver experience, on demand, and expect pickup in a high-end sedan or SUV within minutes.
  4. Gett is the largest on-demand B2C car service in Europe and the leading B2B player globally (trusted by half of the Fortune 500). Gett is spanning across 4 countries and 57 cities, including New York, London, and Moscow.
  5. Via is a mobile, on-demand taxi provider in New York and Chicago.