Becoming an eligible driver for uber can be a confusing, maze-like process. Everyone is eager to start driving as soon as possible, so don’t let the convoluted process slow you down. We’ve created this handy guide to simplify things and get you into a car as soon as possible.

Acquiring a TLC License

To drive for Uber in NYC you will need to acquire a special license called a TLC (Taxi Limousine Commission) License. We’ve broken down the process below. should first schedule an appointment at one of the various uber bases.

  1. (Optional) Schedule a visit with Uber. During the visit you’ll:

    1. Receive a coupon for a FREE required Defensive Driving course.

    2. Receive a free medical examination for your TLC License

  2. Fill out an application for an NY DMV Class E driver’s license upgrade

    1. Drop it off at the DMV when you’re done

  3. Complete and submit a TLC License Application

    1. After receiving a confirmation email from the TLC, you must visit a TLC Location. Don’t forget your social security card!

Acquiring a TLC Vehicle

This is the easy part! In the past, finding a TLC ready vehicle was a long and arduous process. That’s why Fleetmarket has streamlined the process. We exclusively list TLC approved vehicles. Just visit our previous blog post [hyperlink to “HIW - Drivers”] for a step by step guide to reserve a car today!