When should you drive to make the most money? One of the biggest benefits of Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing apps is the ability to create your own schedule. Whether you drive full-time or part-time, we’ve developed a list of the best times to drive in New York City to maximize your earnings.

  1. Friday nights from 7PM - 3AM. This is the best time to drive and increase your earnings. Due to the high demand for rides, you can expect your car to be busy  all the time. With little downtime, your earnings will skyrocket! 

  2. Saturday nights from 7PM - 6AM. Like Friday nights, your car will constantly be filled with passengers making this the second most popular time to drive.. Drivers reported high earnings and reduced downtime throughout this period. Don’t be fooled by stories of the noisiness of the party crowd, this is a great time to drive!

Market research shows that part-time drivers looking to supplement their regular “9 to 5” job should drive for only these two periods to maximize their ratio of profit per hour of work.

Drive smarter, not longer!